GLORY Consulting facilitates organisations such as businesses, governments and corporations who want to book academic, vocational or training courses for their employees. We organise and manage the entire project, from finding courses to meet your specific needs to being available around the clock to answer queries and help solve problems that you may encounter.

We have excellent links with a large number of education providers, including our training company INTECH CENTRE, who can deliver the relevant courses for students, employees or trainees at the highest level, giving them global qualifications. Additionally, our full training consultancy can look after your overseas training projects, from assessing your organisation’s training needs to finding suitable programmes and managing the training programme.

We can book any sort of educational course for either individual or whole groups of sponsored students. Simply tell us your company’s education or training needs and we will help you fulfil them, whether you are sponsoring one student to study in the UK or sending two hundred employees on vocational training overseas. We can find and apply for these courses on your behalf and sort through all the bureaucracy, leaving you more time to take care of business while we take care of the paperwork.

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