GLORY Consulting is established to provide educational consultancy services to schools, universities, government departments and corporate organisations. It is our consultants’ extensive knowledge of the UK education system and international exposure that help us to provide best service to you. We bring innovation and expertise to help build local solutions.

Some of our education consultancy services includes:

  1. School Self-Evaluation & Inspection

    There are different ways that we can support your school self-evaluation.

    One-to-One Support
    The consultant will work with you to ensure that your self-evaluation accurately reflects your school. This day will help you to improve your self-evaluation skills. By the end of the day you will have your self-evaluation, almost if not completely, written. Your written self-evaluation statement will be referenced to the international standards. The visit will be undertaken by one of our international consultants.

    Mini inspection
    This model can be built around the needs and size of your school. This type of evaluation visit could be across the whole school; could be focusing on a specific phase or key stage; or could be focusing on a specific issue you have been working on.

    We are able to provide tailored services, so please feel free to contact us

  2. SAR and DP Consultancy

    After a successful consultation session, our consultants work with you to prepare a Self-Assessment Report and Development Report for the areas of improvement. These reports will be useful for all your stakeholders and help you improve your quality.

  3. Leadership Training and Development

    At GLORY Consulting, we develop people’s Leadership Skills so they have the confidence and authority to make a real difference in their organisations.

    Leadership is one of those things that’s often awfully hard to define but you know when you see it, and you definitely know when it’s missing.

    We can carry out Quality Assurance on your current leaders, help you identify potential future leaders, analyse your current training programme and help you design training programmes to bring the best out from the leaders.

  4. Curriculum Development

    Our curriculum development consultants are skilled and experienced in adult learning theories and can write curriculum and course materials for instructor-led, web-based and computer-based training. From basic English curriculum to very specific Aviation English and leadership curriculum, we can cover your course material requirements.

    Our curriculum development-consulting professionals are ready and eager to roll up their sleeves and interview your subject matter experts to create engaging and effective instruction. If needed, our consultants will conduct train-the-trainer sessions to get your internal training team up to speed fast.

  5. Education Visioning

    The world of education is constantly evolving and it is sometimes difficult to predict what the long term future holds but we do know that reflexive teachers, able to critically integrate research, theory and practice, are best prepared for their role as educators, not just for the next three years but for the next thirty years. GLORY Consulting’s experts have both the experience and the expertise of working with both experienced and trainee teachers in developing the skills, knowledge and understanding which will equip them for their professional development throughout their career in education.

    We will be bringing you and introducing you the latest trends in education sector so that you will be ahead of your game.

  1. ICT in Education

    The effective use of technology can enhance teaching and learning whilst reducing the burden of administration and management.

    With an approach based on whole school or academy improvement rather than just resources, let our specialist education technology consultants work with you to transform how your information and communications technology (ICT) functions.

    If you would like to integrate online English learning to your school, why not speak to our partner organisation, ICU English www.ICUenglish.com

  2. Teacher Training & CPD

    Drawing on our extensive teacher training skills and expertise, we can send consultants and trainers all over the world to offer practical advice and training in English Language teaching, teacher training and trainer training.

    Our consultancy services include full project scoping (research and needs analysis), service delivery, evaluation and follow-up consultation.

    Our teacher training services:

    • Teacher training and trainer training courses overseas
    • Tailor-made programmes for closed groups
    • Syllabus design and development
    • Testing and needs analysis
    • Resource management and development
    • Educational management
  3. School Improvement Strategies
  4. Project Development & Expansion Strategies
  5. Project Management & Brokerage

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